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CulinArt's George School account in Newton, PA, is the hub for a bio-diesel fuel reclamation effort that involves several CulinArt accounts in the Philadelphia area.  Joe Ducati, CulinArt's general manager, spearheads the effort, first working with George School facilities personnel in re-using oil from kitchen fryers as fuel for campus heating systems.  The effort expanded to include six other CulinArt accounts in the area, including William Penn Charter School, Springside School and Germantown Friends Academy and others, from which CulinArt picks up used fryer oil and delivers it to George School.

The success of CulinArt's adaptation of retail dining to the corporate sector matches innovative program development, cutting-edge concepts and contemporary menu design with cooperative partnership opportunities.

CulinArt's fundamental operating philosophy in all sectors, with particular application in the B&I environment, focuses on continual program revitalization and evolution, always keeping its operations in tune with the latest in food and industry trends.  Our corporate dining services range from employee cafés and onsite catering to executive dining programs, office coffee and pantry services, and complete vending services.

 04/21/2007   CulinArt Spotlights “Health” at the Annual Food Show
 03/15/2007   CulinArt Continues Trans Fat Elimination Efforts
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