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Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs has been the official VIP caterer for the Hampton Classic Horse Show, a virtual who’s who of the Hamptons social scene, since 1995.  During the week-long event, which takes place during the final week of the summer season, Robbins Wolfe serves over 8,000 guest lunches in VIP tents and corporate chalets.

Community colleges, sprawling universities, graduate centers, technical training schools, and coeducational boarding, day and preparatory schools are the focus of CulinArt’s educational dining program.

CulinArt’s services include meal plans, declining balance programs, retail concepts, food courts, mobile and fixed kiosks, coffee and snack carts, pizza delivery, catering, and sports arena concessions, among others. In all segments of the education market, CulinArt advocates a declining balance program, transitioning away from restrictive meal programs. This issue has been growing in the last decade, and CulinArt will continue to be an advocate for the student – letting them decide what they will eat, where and when; making the dining service provider gain customer satisfaction with measurable means. In such scenarios, students can truly vote with their dollars, without being penalized with missed meals.

 04/27/2007   CulinArt FSD Teaches Food Basics to High Schoolers
 04/18/2007   CulinArt Partners in the Re-opening of Snipes Farm
 03/01/2007   CulinArt Launches National Nutrition Month Promotion
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